About Therapy

Are You Suffering from Common Symptoms of Major Life Transition?

Each stage of our lives brings particular challenges that can become overwhelming. Our emotional distress then requires the help of a skilled and compassionate therapist. With my help, therapy can relieve your distress and transform crisis into an opportunity for deep and lasting change.

I enjoy working with individuals who are going through these difficult and promising times. I have worked successfully with clients in the midlife period from 35-65, as well as those in the first quarter of life, and those in later life. Each major life transition comes with unique difficulties, and more importantly, each of my clients is an utterly unique individual who deserves my focused care and clinical experience.

From Crisis to Transformation

Therapy begins as a response to an invitation from deep inside you. Imagine that your suffering is calling you to rediscover the wholeness of your original self. The very same distressing problems that we each face in our lifetimes are calling us home to our deepest truth. That truth is the basis of real transformation.

Unlike many mental health professionals, I believe that you are more than your brain chemistry, or your behaviors, or your past, or your personal relationships. You have the capacity to discover a touchstone within yourself that connects you to the source of all life, to the world, and to other human beings.

The word transformation literally means passing from one way of being and living on to another way—a more vital, open, and engaged way of being yourself and being in the world. In this profound change comes relief from troubling symptoms and a rootedness in your own truth that will sustain you in the future.

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Therapy starts with a no-charge 20-minute phone consultation. We’ll talk about sessions, fees, and insurance and decide whether to meet for a first session. Please contact me so that we can set up a time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.