Therapy works best when it happens in a stable, safe relationship with consistent sessions. I typically meet once a week with my clients, at the same time every week. Sometimes, I make exceptions. Certain clients benefit from more frequent meetings, especially during times of crisis or very deep work. Others require a more flexible schedule for financial or work reasons.


I reserve a time just for you each week. If you can’t make it because of illness, let me know as soon as possible. I do not charge for missed appointments due to illness or severe weather. If you have something else come up and can’t make it, I require 48 hours notice, or I will charge you the full fee.


Clients pay me at each session. I accept checks and cash. I appreciate you filling out your check before our session. In order to protect your confidentiality, I do not accept online or credit card payments.


I will discuss my fee with you during our no-charge phone conversation. I have a standard fee and will sometimes negotiate a lower fee in cases where finances would prevent a client from entering therapy. I am interested and committed to working with clients who are interested and committed to the therapy process. I do not slide my fee if you are being reimbursed by your insurance.


I’m an out-of-network provider for most plans. This means that you pay me at each session, and then every month or two I submit a paid invoice to your insurance. The insurance will send you a check for a portion of the fees. It’s up to you to know the details of your insurance benefits—whether they cover out-of-network providers, whether you have a deductible, and what percentage of the fees they will reimburse you for. I choose to work “out-of-network” because it protects your confidentiality and gives us more freedom to let your therapy unfold without a third party intruding on the process.