Benefits of My Approach

I have special training to handle the complex issues that occur during major life crisis and transformation. I work from the perspective of what is called depth psychology or depth psychotherapy. Psychotherapy means therapy for the “psyche”—the soul or essence of you. The word depth refers to the deep parts of you that come to the surface when crisis hits.

The important depth psychologist Carl Jung developed this form of therapy as the best way of working with the transformative processes that occur during life. More recent work in the fields of developmental psychology, relational psychoanalysis, and attachment theory has increased my understanding of how to work with people undergoing these changes.

Psychological research clearly shows that a good relationship with your therapist predicts a good outcome for therapy. My own experience as both a therapist and a client confirms this. With each client, I commit myself to creating a safe, empathic therapy relationship where you feel emotionally held, paid attention to, explored, challenged, and cared for. I will go the distance with you.

Connecting with Soul and Spirit

I believe that all human beings have a soulful and spiritual capacity that transcends any one belief system and can help in psychological healing. My orientation to soul and spirit makes me unique and different from many therapists who focus only on behaviors, thinking patterns, and personal relationships.

The soul is also known as the psyche in archetypal and Jungian psychology. These psychologies believe that myth, story, ritual, art, dreams, nature, and spirituality all aid in the process of psychological transformation. Because of our culture, many of us have lost a living connection to these vital aspects of human life, and Jungian psychotherapy can provide a link back to these sources of healing.

I earned both an M.A. in depth psychology and counseling and a Ph.D. in religion. My academic studies, as well as my experiences with depth psychotherapy and Jungian analysis, with spirituality and the religious traditions, and with dreams, myth, nature, and image deepen my ability to help each client in the process of life crisis and transformation.

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Therapy starts with a no-charge 20-minute phone consultation. We’ll talk about sessions, fees, and insurance and decide whether to meet for a first session. Please contact me so that we can set up a time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.