In-depth Consultation on your Cases

  • Have you ever wished for a space with another experienced psychotherapist to explore your most difficult cases?
  • Do past experiences of consultation and supervision leave you wanting more depth?
  • Are you curious how to work with dreams in ways that get to the heart of clinical material?
  • Have impasses in transference-countertransference dynamics stumped you?
  • Are you a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who wants to learn Jungian styles of clinical work?
  • Are you a Jungian psychotherapist who wants to explore object relations, relational, and other contemporary psychoanalytic models?

I offer consultation for psychotherapists—LPCs, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, MFTs, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and non-licensed counselors. At this time, I am not supervising interns for state licensing. I am happy to meet on a regular basis, or to meet occasionally.

My work draws from Jung and the post-Jungians, archetypal and imaginal psychology, as well as from Wilfred Bion, D.W. Winnicott, Ronald Fairbairn, and other psychoanalytic thinkers. I focus on the therapist-client relationship and its many levels of conscious and unconscious complexity. I work with dreams, fantasies, and images, as well as with the session itself as a form of dreaming in which therapist and client discover ways to metabolize and transform clinical material.

My Background and Training

I have studied Jungian and psychoanalytic theory and practice since I first began my own Jungian analysis in 1998. I have been in analysis for much of the time since then and consider this work the foundation of my own practice as a psychotherapist. I studied depth psychology in my clinical M.A. program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Prior to my clinical studies, I earned a Ph.D. in religion and theology at Boston College, where I wrote a dissertation on Jung’s vision of symbolic life for modern people. The dissertation was later published by Peter Lang Press as Beyond Psyche: Symbol and Transcendence in C.G. Jung.

I emphasize the clinician as both a participant and an observer in therapy with clients. We will pay attention not only to the dreams and projections of your clients, but also to your own conscious and unconscious material as the therapist. Extensive reading and coursework in various streams of psychoanalytic tradition inform my therapeutic work and my consultation with other therapists. When I sit with another therapist, I try and offer a different experience than most are used to in consultation. I offer a space in which we both get to “dream up” your work with a particular client. In other words, I hope to let the psyche lead us, rather than the other way around.