Therapy for Therapists

Psychotherapists have followed a rich and challenging vocation. Each therapist brings unique wounds and capacities to the work. I have a special interest in providing the right container for therapists who are seeking out an in-depth psychotherapeutic process.

Engaging in one’s own therapy has always proven integral to solid training. This engagement also respects the psyche’s need for a relational vessel in which real transformation can occur over time. Many who pursue therapy as a vocation are predisposed from early life to provide emotional containment for others. While this is a strength, it can also bring difficulties such as loneliness, depression, lack of a relational home, and exquisite sensitivity to the suffering of others.

Psychotherapists also find themselves in a lifelong individuation process that friends and family may not fully understand. Psychological and spiritual development become the meaningful work of life. The culture at large rarely provides the support that these individuals need in order to come into being. Finding the right therapist can provide a space in which development can take place, and in which the individual can encounter the psyche in fruitful ways.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of engaging in your own therapeutic work.